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Composed by Joanne Beverley Miller © in 1998
after praying with a friend at Church

I prayed one day with a woman friend
We laid our souls quite bare,
And as I listened to her heartfelt pleas
I felt the Lord so near.

She prayed for family at home and abroad
And begged for God's good grace,
She beseeched Him to forgive her sins
And help her run His race.

And then she smiled and prayed for me
And asked the Lord to bless
Me, my husband, my family, all,
With His love and tenderness.

After we prayed we stayed on our knees
And we shared just a little bit more
I left Church that day feeling better
Than I had just hours before.

It's just so nice to pray with a friend
And lay your souls quite bare,
And then to know that when you leave her side
You've placed her in God's care.




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Artwork by Leroy Campbell

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