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Our Motto: Working, awaiting our Blessed Hope!

Joanne Beverley Edwards-Miller, Editor

Autumn, and the living is so fresh!   Donít you love the crispness of Fall?   Somehow, I always feel incredibly invigorated as Septemberís Summer sheds her stunning emerald attire and adorns herself instead in the rich hues of blazing October colour.   The lazy, hazy days of Summer slip through our fingers as Autumn comes swirling in on a cloak bejeweled with pencils, erasers, new school books and new school clothes.   Sure, itís time for the children to go back to school, but how about you?   When was the last time you took any type of extra-curriculum course?   A course to expand your knowledge base for your job, such as a business writing course or an accounting course? Or a general interest course to enrich your soul, such as Italian cooking, flower arranging, or pottery?

Do you feel sometimes that your life is in a rut?   Or, do you feel as if thereís absolutely no fun in your life?   Well, mope no more!   The Board of Education offers a myriad of inexpensive evening Ė and even day Ė courses for your learning pleasure.   Simply let your fingers do the walking and your heart do the talking while you browse through the Boardís catalogue.   Treat yourself to a course that youíve always wanted to take, but never made the time for.   And hereís another idea!   How about you and the hubby taking an evening course together?   Strengthen those bonds of togetherness!

Look at what Ellen White has to say about education.   "Godís plan of life has a place for every human being.   Each is to improve her talents to the utmost, and faithfulness in doing this, be the gifts few or many, entitles one to honor." [Education, pp. 225 & 226]  In her article "Back to School" herein, Beulah Iqbal takes us through some of her struggles and joys of being a mature adult student.   Thank you, Beulah, for sharing your story with us.   In all our learning though, letís not forget to constantly learn about He who is the Author and Creator of all things.   King Solomon summed it up nicely when he said, "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge." [Proverbs 1:5]   And, again quoting from Ellen White, "Our lifework here is a preparation for the life eternal.   The education begun here will not be completed in this life; it will be going forward through all eternity Ė ever progressing, never completed." [Ministry of Healing, p. 466]   Can you imagine learning about our Maker throughout the ceaseless ages of eternity?   Thatís one class I definitely want to take.   And this class isnít limited to a certain number of students.   ALL are invited to register for this particular class.   How about you?   Have you signed up yet?