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by Sylvia Lopez

Home Sweet Home

Although you may be tempted to lie down, relax, and have a snooze after a heavy meal,
there are a few reasons to avoid this practice:
    Heart Attack: A full stomach puts pressure on the surrounding organs. One organ is the heart. If the circulation to the heart is already inadequate due to clogged arteries, you can suffer a heart attack. It is known that many heart attacks (sometimes mistaken for indigestion) occur following a large meal.

    Esophageal Reflux occurs when acid from the stomach backs up into the esophagus (the food passage). This causes ulcers from the irritation from the acid.

    Hiatus Hernia develops when the upper part of the stomach pushes up into the chest cavity. This pressure can be caused by lying down after a large meal.

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Notice the new name of our newsletter? "In His Image" truly captures our desire to be more like Christ. Unfortunately, the person who submitted the name did not put her own name on her submission. So we don't know which one of our sisters at the Richmond Hill S.D.A. Church to thank!! We'll sleuth around some more and report on it in the Winter/Christmas issue due out on December 4. As well, we've selected a motto submitted by Alice Mair. "Working, awaiting our blessed hope." And that's precisely what we're trying to do as we prepare the pages of this newsletter each quarter. We're hoping that while we await our blessed hope, Jesus Christ, someone reading this newsletter will be blessed through our work.

So, thank you to everyone who submitted names for the newsletter. It sure was a tough decision.

But there's also something else new about the newsletter. On Thursday, September 23, 1999, we went on-line. Yes, our little newsletter is now on the World Wide Web! The Internet! Which means that anyone around the globe can access it! What a powerful witnessing tool the Internet is. We pray that many might be blessed by our efforts. The composition of the on-line newsletter is basically the same as the printed one we distribute at Church, but there are other features as well, such as web graphics and additional content.
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On Sunday, September 19, four of our members -- Ritva Rowe, Eva Bors, Geneitha Allen and Bev Miller -- gathered bright and early at 7:00 for our first Sunday Morning Fitness Walk. This Walk is an initiative of the Women's Ministries Department to introduce a fitness program for our women. Well, off the four fearless walkers trotted, down the street, around the corner, and down through the "woods" to Mill Pond. God blessed their effort with a beautiful morning weather-wise. Along the way they saw two hot air balloons rising with their passengers in the morning mist, they gawked at the beautiful houses on Regent Street, greeted several other early morning walkers, and adored God's creation at Mill Pond as the graceful swans and smaller ducks and geese put on an early morning show. On the way back to the Church, they happened upon any woman's favorite Sunday morning activity -- a garage sale -- and laughingly exchanged their rapid pace for a quick browse through the sale items. Back at the Church, they feasted on their potluck breakfast while watching an inspiring fitness video about a ninety-year old woman who climbs mountains and a 70-something year old woman who runs marathons. (Kind'a puts the rest of us to shame, huh? Huge shame!! Smile!) The four considered their walk a success, and vowed to each bring another woman for the next fitness walk scheduled for October 17, 1999. Ladies, come on out and walk your way to fitness.


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