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by Ritva Rowe

“…and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth.” (Act 1:8)   These are the last words spoken by Jesus just before He ascended to Heaven, His parting message to His followers.   Their witness was to begin in Jerusalem, not in some faraway place. In the familiar surroundings, and to the people they met daily, they were to tell about their risen Saviour.

I have worked for the same company for over 21 years.   Sometimes I wonder, if I have been a witness to Jesus.   It is not easy for me to go to people and tell them about Jesus.   There must be a clear “opening” for me to say something.   But since the Lord knows me, once in awhile He gives me one.

One way I tell people about my faith is to let them know that I pray for them.   When I hear of someone having a problem, I often tell them that I will pray for them.   It happens that people come to me when they have illness or death in the family.   That gives me a chance to talk to them and tell that they are on my prayer list.

My Director is one of these people.   Her requests cover a wide area.   She has a severely handicapped granddaughter.   Whenever there is a major concern or an emergency with her, the grandmother comes to me and asks that I and our prayer group pray for her.   Sometimes her request may be about her work as a commissioned artist.   The pressure of short deadlines causes stress, and she will ask me to pray that everything will go well.   Recently her son died, and she called me at home to tell me about it, and asked for prayer support.

There have been occasions when I and our group have prayed for my co-workers, and God has intervened on their behalf.

I also appreciate the nice way people treat me at work.   Even the men on the loading dock, who are known for their rather colourful speech, always use clean, respectful language in my presence.   I suppose I am considered to be the old, religious lady in the Shop.   That is fine with me.   I hope that there is something in my conduct that causes them to modify their actions and speech.

I pray that this “something” is Jesus in me.


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