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Composed by Joanne Beverley Miller on January 9, 2000

One day I値l have a country house, I do not know just when,
But for now I値l dream and plan and store my hopes till then.

I値l have a country kitchen that痴 big enough for all
The family and friends who will drop by -- oh, we値l have such a ball!

I値l have my ducks and horses and, yes, my Holstein cows.
It痴 going to be terrific fun -- me in this country house!

In Spring I値l plant my flowers, and veggies too, you know!
I値l see if there痴 truth to the adage, 添ou reap that which you sow!

In Summer we値l pick berries and hike the woods nearby,
And gaze upon the myriad birds that waft the summer sky.

Come Autumn on through Winter we値l gather the fireplace 喪ound,
And just give thanks for our country house
which we were blessed to have found!



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Artwork by unknown artist.