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Welcome to my poetry web site.   This is the first of several web sites I've created, and I started building it at around 11:00 p.m. on Wednesday night, September 1, 1999, while my husband slept soundly, unaware that I had tiptoed out of our bedroom!   I had actually just started learning HTML that same day, and was so excited about my new knowledge (severely limited, though it was!) that I couldn't wait to set up my own site!   And so, a week later, after not seeing much of my very patient hubby (such a great guy!!) due to my being hunched over the computer day and night (what a sorry sight I was!), my website was up and running.   This site is best viewed on a 17-inch screen. It is graphics-intensive, so the pages may take a little time to fully unfold.   But, I hope you'll agree that the wait will be worthwhile.

These are just a few of the poems I've composed.   I am a Seventh-day Adventist Christian, and so most of my poems spring from my love for God.   I hope you'll enjoy reading them.   Please don't hesitate to leave your comments in my Guest Book.

Selections Below:

The Night Before Christmas
The Rose of Sharon
My Friend's Prayer
The Visit
Wedding Poem
Angel Visitation
Just Let Go
My Country House
Sweet Valentine
The Music In Me
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This web site was created and is owned by Joanne Beverley Edwards-Miller and is copyright protected, 1999 through 2002.   The poems on this site are my own original works and are also copyright protected.   Kindly do not use my poetry without contacting me first for permission.   Thank you for respecting my work in this way.