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Welcome to my new design studio, JBM Designs, born out of my recently found love of creating web graphics. I've always had an artistic bent, and now, having designed a few websites already, I feel confident (actually, not really that confident, but anyway...) in creating these web graphics and sharing them with you. Please browse at your leisure, and should you wish to, feel free to use my designs to adorn your own pages, of course with a link back to my site. Thanks so much for stopping by!


Unique Accommodations
SDA Women of the Web


Coming Soon!


Eve's Kiss
Country Cottage
Afternoon Sun
Story Time
Fairy Land
Sweet Repose
Fairy Rose
Dinner Party
Blue Bird
Twinkling Butterfly
Pensive Fairy

Web page layout and graphic images by Joanne Beverley Edwards-Miller
for JBM Designs, copyright 2000 and 2001.