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Composed by Joanne Beverley Miller ©, January 22, 1999

My life was going downhill so very, very fast,
I knew that if I didn’t get help, I just wouldn’t last.
I’d partied hard and lived it up
with folks who weren’t real friends;
My life was such a rocky road with all kinds of twists and bends.

And so I called upon the Lord and He heard my cry;
He must have been not far away, but somewhere just nearby,
Because He came so quickly, in an instant He was there,
And spoke to me in jewel tones so very soft and clear.

“Just let go,” He said, “and let Me lead.”
“We won’t go too fast; I’ll adjust the speed.
You invited me in, and I’m here to stay,
Unless you decide I should go away.”

“No, Lord!” I cried, “I need you now.
I’ve made such a mess of my life somehow.
I thought I could do it on my own, but no,
Things haven’t worked out, as my life can show.”

“Worthy, deserving, I sure am not,
But You have something I just haven’t got.
I want You to show me how to live Your life;
I’m through with the world and its anguish and strife.”

“I know life with You won’t be a garden bed,
But I’m ready to let go and just be led,
To Calvary’s cross and the promise freely given,
Of forgiveness of sins and a place in Your heaven.”

“Come on then,” He said, as He took my hand,
“There’s so much I want to help you understand.”
From that day to this we’ve been true friends,
With the promise that our relationship will never, ever end.




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