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Composed by Joanne Beverley Edwards-Miller ©
on February 9, 2000.
This is about the music that moves me the most:   classical religious -- ie. Handel or Bach -- and nice, slow gospel.

Music is pathos, is beauty, is grace --
I willingly follow her to a higher place;
Transported I ascend to such other realm
Where some aching melody revives me again.

The power she has over me cannot be told;
Transfixed I await as her chords unfold,
And twine ‘round about me with strings wafting sweet;
My person is fettered -- my soul cedes defeat.

How oft have I staggered beneath such sweet load
As basking in her euphony I revel in her ode,
Then having spent seeming millenia in time,
I return to earth's reality with remembrance sublime.

Music is pathos, is beauty, is grace;
I must, I will follow her to that higher place.



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