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composed by Joanne Beverley Miller ©
at Church during Divine Service, November 30, 1996

I entered into a home one day,
I'd been invited, you see;
I looked forward to my visit there
For the family was so kind to me.

But, alas, upon my entering there
What woe befell my eyes;
The kindness that was bestowed on me
Was but a sorry disguise.

They treated each other with such disdain,
It stung me just to hear
The way they put each other down
As if they didn't care.

There was no "please" and "thank you,"
No "Can I help with that?"
No loving gestures, deeds or words;
I listened regretfully as I sat.

I searched the room for solace
Trying to find some Godly fear;
Nothing was found to comfort me,
Christ was just not there.

I left that home so very sad
For it was plain to see
They were not kind to each other,
There was no harmony.

If this is what your home is like,
Do seek and find Christ soon,
For home can be a terrible place
When hearts are out of tune.

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