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Composed by Joanne Beverley Edwards-Miller
For James Miller, 1999 ©

Darling, oh darling, won't you be mine?
So said I to my sweet valentine.

I'll serenade you with chocolate, with gifts so sublime,
With cards and roses, and trinkets divine.

On culinary sweets I'll cause you to dine,
And fill your chalice with de-alcoholized wine!

In my arms I'll embrace you, our senses to entwine,
As I shower you with kisses and charm without guile.

I'll bathe you in lavender and sweet chamomile,
Then clothe you with flowers as golden bells chime.

But, enough of this descant -- I have run out of lines!
So darling, sweet darling, won't you be mine?

The correct answer, my love, is
"Most surely, I'll be Thine."




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Thank you for respecting my work in this way.

Resource Credits:

Artwork by Diane Pedersen

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