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The Night Before Christmas

Composed by Joanne Beverley Edwards-Miller
© on December 21, 1996

'Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the world
Angels were waiting with wings unfurled,
To spread the glad tidings that Christ would be born
In a Bethlehem stable in a manger well worn.

The people were sleeping all tucked in their beds
While visions of foolishness danced through their heads;
Not dreaming at all that the Christ Child was here,
Not knowing at all that redemption was near.

But shepherds and wise men were up that night
And witnessed the brilliance of the angels so bright.
They heeded the message of glory and love
And sought the Christ Child sent from above.

And lo, to their surprise in a stable so cold
Was Mary and Joseph and the Christ Child foretold.

O, glory to God for the gift of His Son,
And may the blessings of Christmas rest on each one.


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